EBTN Triple-E

The core of the strategy of EBTN is to develop and promote common European standards for education, training and qualifications in the financial services sector. It aims to achieve this through the creation of a gold quality standard - the “Triple E Qualification Standard”.  
The standard takes its name from the three European qualification benchmarks: EQF, ECVET and EQAVET.
We are proud to have been asked to take a leading role in this work, through which we and our EBTN colleagues will actively contribute to restoring trust and confidence in the sector.
The project has the further aim of encouraging the development of professional qualifications for the sector that offer more flexibility, mobility and life long learning opportunities for bankers and their employers. It is also intended to further improving the quality of training systems through the development of innovative European Guidelines for the definition of professional qualifications in terms of learning outcomes, with the attribution of ECVET points, EQF level and according to quality assurance (EQAVET) criteria.