Funding and Management

How the Foundation will be funded

The 2025 Foundation has been launched with a donation of £150,000 from the Chartered Banker Institute, raised from the sale of the Institute's historical banknote collection.
Our initial target is to raise £1 million to support at least 200 Foundation Scholars between 2017 and 2025, which marks the Institute's 150th anniversary. Looking further ahead, we will continue to build the foundation to support as many individuals as possible.
The 2025 Foundation will rely on voluntary income through:
  • Donations from Fellows, Chartered Bankers and other members of the Chartered Banker Institute, which is a professional body with over 30,000 members throughout the UK and more than 50 countries worldwide.
  • Other donations from corporates and individuals.


How the Foundation will be managed

The Foundation will be managed by a committee, chaired by David Thorburn (a former President of the Institute), and all members will be appointed by the Council of the Chartered Banker Institute. The 2025 Foundation Committee will be accountable to the Council of the Chartered Banker Institute for all of its actions.
The committee members will be appointed for a three-year term and will be eligible for a single term of re-appointment thereafter. The minimum number of committee members will be four, with a maximum of eight. At least two must be serving Council members and the others must be current Fellows of the Institute.