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We are a member-led organisation, representing qualified bankers and those working towards their professional qualifications.
When the Institute was founded in 1875 it set out principles which we stand by today. Our stated purpose and main objective, as set out in our Royal Charter, is to encourage the highest standards of professionalism and conduct amongst our members in the public interest.
We believe in the importance of professional standards in banking and in 2011, we led the way in establishing the Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board (CB:PSB), an initiative supported by a number of UK banks and covering individuals working in the banking sector.
We're very proud of our members and what we are achieving together. 
As a member of the Professional Associations Research Network, our professional body is:
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest sector research and best practice guidance
  • Equipped through training and events to deal with the challenges professional bodies face
  • Part of an active network of professional bodies that learn from each other



We've led the way in establishing the CB:PSB, an initiative supported by a number of UK banks to help embed a culture of ethical professionalism in banks.

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FEP is our free school service, supported by volunteers, to help children understand more about their finances, and financial capability. 

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We also provide the Secretariat for the Committee of Scottish Bankers. Find out more at scotbanks.org.uk



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As a charity, our funds are spent on activities to enhance and sustain professional standards in banking, in the public interest.   

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