Member Conduct

All individuals working in the banking industry are required to act in a fair and honest manner. This is to protect the interests of customers, colleagues and counterparties; and the wider interests of society as a whole. As a minimum, compliance with legislation, regulation and industry/employer codes and standards is expected.

Our Expectations of our Members

Membership of the Chartered Banker Institute brings with it additional responsibilities. All members (including Fellows, Members, Associates and Students) are expected to display the highest standards of professionalism and a commitment to ethical conduct, giving at all times due care and consideration to others and putting the public interest first.

To help members maintain these high standards, the Code of Professional Conduct identifies the ethical and professional attitudes and behaviour expected of members, and provides guidance to help members recognise and develop these.

Maintaining Professional Standards

All members are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct. Where members fail to live up to the high standards expected of them, the Institute may investigate and present evidence to an independent Disciplinary Committee, convened in accordance with our Disciplinary Regulations, which are binding on all members. In brief, a Disciplinary Breach by or in respect of a member occurs when:-

(i) criminal sanctions have been imposed on the member; or

(ii) sanctions have been imposed on the member by a regulator or other competent body; or

(iii) the member is lawfully dismissed by the member's employer for misconduct; or

(iv) the member breaches, or does not comply with, the Institute's continuing professional development (CPD) requirements; or

(v) the member acts in breach of the Institute's course rules and regulations, including providing false information with respect to existing qualifications, plagiarism in respect of course assignments and breaching examination conditions; or

(vi) the member brings the Institute into disrepute (there must be a clear and direct relationship between the member's actions and the reputation of the Institute); or

(vii) the member is in breach of one or more provisions of the Code of Professional Conduct.

After considering the evidence, the independent Disciplinary Committee may impose a range of sanctions on members found to have breached the Code of Professional Conduct, ranging from admonishment to expulsion.

Complaints against a member regarding an alleged breach of the Code of Professional Conduct by a member of the Institute should be made in writing to;

The Chief Executive
Chartered Banker Institute
Drumsheugh House
38b Drumsheugh Gardens

or by email:

Members of the public wishing to make complaints should note that the Institute may only investigate complaints against individuals who are current members of the Institute. We are not a statutory regulator and cannot investigate complaints against companies and/or individuals who are not members of the Institute.