What we do

We help bankers and banks embed a culture of ethical and professional standards, and meet the requirements of the new regulatory regimes. We achieve this successfully in many ways. Here's how. 
We support numerous routes helping individuals achieve professional qualifications and professional membership to ensure bankers at each stage of their career, develop and sustain the skills and knowledge required of a modern, reflective practitioner.  
Our members are committed to our Code of Professional Conduct; a critical element in embedding and sustaining professional standards and restoring trust in banking. Members who breach the Code of Conduct may be investigated and face a range of sanctions including expulsion. 
We underpin membership with a flexible professional qualification framework. We nurture our members' growth through our programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), designed to maintain, broaden and enhance the skills set and knowledge of members as they progress in their careers. 
Our professional qualifications are recognised globally, and we provide approved regulatory qualifications. We also work with others, including many major banks, to accredit internal training and development programmes aligned to the Institute's professional and qualifications standards. 
We play a key role in enhancing and sustaining professionalism in banking. In 2011, we established the Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board (CB:PSB) an initiative led by eight UK banks. In 2014 over 185,000 individuals working in the banking sector achieved the Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers. 
We work with banks and bankers to help organisations and relevant individuals, meet the requirements of the new Senior Managers and Certification Regimes, and to help organisations implement the new Individual Conduct Rules

Further information can be found in our Enhancing Culture & Conduct in Banking brochure