Bespoke Programmes

We appreciate that sometimes you may wish your people could be professionally qualified without having them go through a traditional qualification route, usually aimed at the wider banking population and not the specific roles within your bank.

We understand that you prefer qualifications that are fit for purpose, tailored for your people in their specific roles, in your business. These would really contribute to enhanced performance in these roles wouldn't it?  Well - we agree and offer a bespoke programme development service.
We have worked hard to build our reputation for offering flexible solutions and for working in partnership with banks. In doing so we have accumulated years of experience working collaboratively to design, develop and deliver role related professional banking qualifications .
Our expertise in educational consultancy, learning and development and coaching means that we can help you create fantastic programmes that are both fit for purpose for a wide range of roles in your business and recognised as gaining credit into our qualifications framework, leading through to Chartered Banker status.  This is possible because the programmes are designed with this very outcome in mind.
If you would like to speak with us about how we can work with you to create bespoke journeys to Chartered Banker for your people then please request a call.

RBS case study

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