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Since 1875, the Chartered Banker Institute has helped banks and bankers in the UK and around the world develop, demonstrate and embed professional ethics, expertise, conduct and a professional culture that customers and communities - and bankers themselves can be proud of. That's why we have led the establishment of the Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board [CB:PSB] in 2011, which has developed and is implementing the first set of industry-wide professional standards for bankers. To date, more than 187,000 individuals have met the CB:PSB first standard, the Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers. 

Our work as a professional body for bankers complements and supports the work of regulators and banks to enhance and sustain customer-focused, ethical professionalism in Banking. This complements, in particular: 

  • The Senior Managers Regime, which came into force in March 2016, and covers a narrow range of individuals with significant responsibility within banks and other relevant firms;
  • A Certification Regime, which also came into force in March 2016, and covers 'material risk takers' not included within the Senior Managers regime, individuals who could cause harm to consumers, and individuals in customer-facing roles subject to qualification requirements; and
  • New Individual Conduct Rules, to come into effect in 2017, and which must be complied with by the great majority of bank employees

Implementing the new regulatory framework will be challenging for many organisations, not least in terms of meeting the regulators' expectation that this should take account of the particular roles that individual carry out.

For further information on how we can support you and your organisation, please view our Enhancing Culture and Conduct in Banking brochure or contact Jennifer Prew, Head of Professional Development, email: or mob: 07595 003291


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We've led the way in establishing the CB:PSB an initiative supported by eight UK banks to help embed a culture of ethical professionalism in banks.

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