Code of Professional Conduct

All individuals working in the banking industry are required to act in a fair and honest manner. This is to protect the interests of customers, colleagues and counterparties; and the wider interests of society as a whole.

Membership of the Chartered Banker Institute brings with it additional responsibilities. All our members are expected to display the highest standards of professionalism  and a commitment to ethical conduct, giving at all times due care and consideration to others and putting the public interest first.

To help members maintain these high standards, the Code of Professional Conduct identifies the ethical and professional attitudes and behaviour expected of members. The Institute's professional qualifications for bankers help individuals learn about and apply the principles set out in the Code of Professional Conduct

Maintaining Professional Standards

All members of the Institute are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct. Where members fail to live up to the professional standards expected of them, the Institute may investigate and present evidence to an independent Disciplinary Committee, convened in accordance with our Disciplinary Regulations. 

For more information, please visit our Member Conduct section.

To find out how we can support you and your organisation please, view our Enhancing Culture and Conduct in Banking brochure or contact Jennifer Prew, Head of Professional Development, email: or mob: 07595 003291


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