Through our many years of working collaboratively with banks and their learning and development teams, we understand the quality and importance of the internal training offered. However, internal training programmes often suffer from a lack of recognition outside the organisation itself, and in some cases even outside a particular department.

That’s where we can help. Our accreditation service is designed to offer external validation of the quality and robustness of internal development programmes, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the methodologies and procedures underpinning these. Through the accreditation process, we will share our knowledge  of best practice, offering feedback and recommendations to  improve and maintain performance and professionalism.

In most cases we will also be able to signpost progression into our professional qualification framework, helping to reduce the costs and time taken to achieve globally recognised professional qualifications. All accredited programmes are recognised with certification from the Institute as a Chartered Banker Accredited Programme. This not only sends a powerful message regarding commitment to professionalism to customers and other stakeholders, it also demonstrates commitment to the ongoing professional development of employees.

We recognise that internal training may offer many of the practical skills required in modern banking, and our accreditation service is aimed at helping ensure such training is assessed and benchmarked against the Institute’s professional standards - giving it the recognition it deserves. We can also seek recognition of your bank training within our qualification framework, helping to reduce the time and cost of achieving a professional qualification.