CB:PSB Board

The CB:PSB is governed by a Board, comprising a Chairman, senior executives from the founding firms, individuals independent of the banking industry, the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee (ex-officio), the Chair of the Stakeholder Forum (ex-officio) and the Chair of the Independent Monitoring Panel (observer). 

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Professional Standards Committee 

The Board is supported by the Professional Standards Committee (PSC), comprising a senior representative from each CB:PSB firm responsible for leading the development and implementation of the CB:PSB’s professional standards in their organisation.The PSC is chaired by Simon Thompson, the Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute.

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Independent Monitoring Panel

Following the recommendations arising from the 2015 CB:PSB Monitoring Working Group, whose aim was to look at how the independence of the CB:PSB monitoring process could be enhanced, an Independent Monitoring Panel (IMP) was created in 2016. It is important that professional standards are effectively implemented and monitored if the CB:PSB is going to achieve its aims of rebuilding trust, confidence and pride in banking. 

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The IMP comprises appropriately skilled and experienced members and monitors the effectiveness of CB:PSB standards implementation and the extent to which CB:PSB aims are being delivered. Dr Ian Peters MBE, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, Chairs the Independent Monitoring Panel which will ensure a stronger focus on monitoring and assurance at the CB:PSB Board.

The Members of the Independent Monitoring Panel are: Dr Sarah Blackburn; Zinta Krumins; Cat MacLean; and Karen McArthur.

The CB:PSB Independent Monitoring Panel published its first Annual Report (2017) on 21st November 2017.

Stakeholder Forum

The Stakeholder Forum engages with a broader range of ‘end users’, providing an opportunity to cascade information and, more importantly, to seek feedback, opinions and advice. Professor Robin Jarvis, Professor of Accounting, Brunel University, is the Chair of the Stakeholder Forum.