The CB:PSB’s professional standards describe the detailed Professional Conduct (values, attitudes and behaviour) and Professional Expertise (knowledge and skills) requirements expected of all professional bankers.  The standards set clear benchmarks against which colleagues, customers, clients and others can measure bankers’ professional competence.

The CB:PSB’s professional standards also define the key components of banking professionalism; promote the improvement of banking knowledge, skills and competence; and enable benchmarking of organisations’ learning and development activities against industry standards.  The CB:PSB aims to enhance and sustain a strong culture of ethical and professional development across the UK banking industry by developing a series of professional standards which are underpinned by the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct (the Code).

In developing professional standards, the CB:PSB intends to create pathways for professional bankers to develop and demonstrate their Professional Conduct and Professional Expertise throughout their careers. The CB:PSB’s professional standards are designed to complement, and in some instances, build on each other.

  • Foundation Standard

The CB:PSB Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers sets out the CB:PSB’s expectations of all individuals in relation to the Professional Conduct and Professional Expertise requirements for all those working in the banking industry. 

Those meeting the Foundation Standard are able to demonstrate their commitment to their professional development which, in turn, should enhance and sustain public confidence and trust in banks and bankers, and pride in the banking profession.

Read the CB:PSB’s Foundation Standard in full , along with a copy of the Guidance publication.

  • Intermediate Standard 

The Intermediate Standard sets out the CB:PSB’s expectations for banking professionals making a commitment to higher standards of expertise and conduct than those set out in the Foundation Standard.  It is intended to provide a “next step” for individuals who have achieved the Foundation Standard and to support the continuing professional development of banking professionals.   

Read the CB:PSB’s Intermediate Standards for Professional Bankers Requirements in full, along with a copy of the Guidance publication.

  • Advanced Standard

The CB:PSB's Advanced Standard for Professional Bankers, sets out the CB:PSB’s expectations for banking leaders’ conduct and expertise. The Advanced Standard completes the first series of professional standards developed for modern bankers and builds on both the Foundation and Intermediate Standards.  It is also aligned with the Individual Accountability Regime and can support those within the Certification Regime and Senior Managers Regime to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.  Those achieving the Advanced Standard will be able to demonstrate their own professionalism and will contribute to rebuilding the banking profession.

Read the CB:PSB's Advanced Standard for Professional Bankers' Requirements and Guidance