CB:PSB Frequently Asked Questions

Is my organisation involved with the CB:PSB?

The organisations currently involved with the CB:PSB are: Barclays PLC; Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks; HSBC Bank plc; The Royal Bank of Scotland Group; Sainsbury's Bank; Santander UK; Tesco Bank; United Trust Bank; and Virgin Money.

If your organisation is not listed, please contact us at cbpsb@charteredbanker.com to find out if your organisation may be working with us in future.

I work for a CB:PSB organisation and I have recently gained a professional qualification.  Does this mean I have now achieved the CB:PSB’s Foundation Standard?

A professional qualification in itself does not confer achievement of the Foundation Standard.  Rather it may form part of the evidence to enable you to demonstrate that you have met some / all elements of the Knowledge requirements of the Standard.

Conversely, achievement of the Foundation Standard does not equate to gaining a professional qualification.  

All CB:PSB firms have defined routes to achieving the Foundation Standard.  Please refer to your Line Manager to confirm the route relevant to your organisation.

My Line Manager has advised me that I have achieved the Foundation Standard.  Do I receive a certificate of this achievement?

Each CB:PSB firm has a different way of recognising and celebrating the success of a colleague achieving the Foundation Standard.  Please refer to your Line Manager to confirm what happens in your organisation.

In achieving the Foundation Standard, you join nearly a quarter of a million bankers across the UK and the wider globe who, like you, have all met an industry recognised professional standard specifically for bankers.

I have achieved the Foundation Standard.  Does this mean I automatically now have membership of the Chartered Banker Institute?

Not automatically.  Achievement of (or even if you are working towards) the CB:PSB Foundation Standard allows you to apply for ‘Affiliate’ membership of the Chartered Banker Institute.  Further details of the process you must undertake can be found here www.charteredbanker.com/membership/- navigate to ‘Choose membership grade’.  If you have any questions on the process, please contact info@charteredbanker.com

The CB:PSB strongly promotes and encourages professional body membership.

My Line Manager says that I should now be working towards achieving the Foundation Standard.  Where do I find more details on the Standard?  Is there a text / workbook that I need to buy / complete?

In the first instance, you may find details of the Foundation Standard on your organisation’s Intranet or internal communications channels but if you can’t, visit the the Professional Standards page. 

There is no text / workbook to buy and complete for the Foundation Standard.  You will be assessed by your Line Manager on an ongoing basis on whether you have met the individual requirements of the Standard

I have just completed my organisation’s Foundation Standard eLearning and test.  Will I need to do this again and when?

Yes, you will complete it annually.  Your organisation uses an eLearning solution to test that the ‘knowledge’ you require to meet the Foundation Standard remains up to date.  You will be advised on an annual basis (probably as part of your regular reading and training schedule) that your ‘knowledge’ requires to be revalidated.  Completing the eLearning and test every year ensures that you continue to meet these specific requirements of the Foundation Standard.

I have really enjoyed completing the learning to help me achieve the Foundation Standard.  How do I now go on to undertake a professional qualification?

In the first instance, you should have a discussion with your Line Manager as to what professional qualification is right for you and for the business, both in terms of your current and future roles.

A number of professional bodies and other providers offer qualifications that may be relevant for you.  The CB:PSB is also working with the Chartered Banker Institute to develop pathways from the Foundation Standard into the Institute's qualification framework.

Can I count my achievement of the Foundation Standard towards my annual CPD requirements?  

Yes, achievement of the Foundation Standard is recognised and valued as contributing towards annual CPD requirements.  Further information on CPD can be found here