We are delighted to announce Tippie Malgwi as our Young Banker of the Year 2020! 

Congratulations, Tippie, for winning Young Banker of the Year 2020. Well done to Charles Collis, Matt Jennings and Ana Xhemalaj for also making it to the Final. Read the full press release here.

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Find out more about the 2020 competition here

The competition aims to showcase tomorrow’s leaders in UK banking. The Chartered Banker Institute is seeking nominations from amongst our 30,000 members, and also more widely from across the UK banking industry, including building societies, credit unions and others, subject to the eligibility criteria. Find out more about the competition process below, and how you could become the next Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year. 

Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute:

 “I’m delighted to launch the 2020 edition of the Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year competition. This year, our competition will identify and showcase the best ideas, from the best and brightest young bankers, that will deliver responsible and sustainable banking for our customers and communities.  I’m looking forward to seeing the ideas generated, and meeting the inspiring young professionals behind them – and to sharing them with as wide an audience as possible”.

The Challenge 

The challenge set for our entrants is designed to test their capacity to generate new ideas, to drive innovation and to deliver sustainable growth. Contestants will be asked to develop a proposal in response  to the following question:

“What idea would you implement in your organisation  to improve outcomes for customers, colleagues,  and communities? Your idea should reflect your vision for the future of the industry and be consistent with the UN Principles for Responsible Banking.”

We are looking for young bankers to provide evidence of original and inventive thinking in making their proposal.

The Competition

In the first round of the competition, candidates are asked to submit their idea to be considered by a panel of judges drawn from the Chartered Banker Institute.

• Entry forms can be downloaded below
• Candidates should outline their idea in a proposal of approximately 700 words
• Once completed, candidates email the form, proposal and CV to youngbanker@charteredbanker.com

Due to the developments with the Coronavirus and following the Government’s advice, we have decided to cancel the live semi-finals due to take place in June. The safety and wellbeing of our members, Young Bankers and colleagues comes first. 

Judges from the Institute will review all proposals; the best candidates will then be selected to present their idea to an illustrious panel of Judges, digitally. 

Four finalists were then be chosen to present their proposals at the live final.

Finalists will receive feedback on their semi-final presentation, and have the chance to develop their proposals further. In Septmber 2020, the finalists presented their idea before an invited audience of senior bankers, regulators and others, with the winner chosen by an illustrious panel of judges.

Young Banker timeline 2020

The Benefits   

There are many benefits to taking part in Young Banker of the Year. Candidates can improve on and learn new skills throughout the competition process, including: 

  • The opportunity to develop new and ground-breaking ideas in the banking industry 
  • Get valuable feedback from industry experts 
  • Raise their profile in their organisations and in the wider industry 
  • Hone their presentation skills 
  • Develop networking skills

The Chartered Banker Institute will require successful semi-finalists to secure an executive sponsor. In supporting an individual, the sponsor is indicating that they believe the nominee is an individual of outstanding potential, emerging as a future leader in the UK banking industry, and a role model for customer-focused, ethical professionalism. By supporting a colleague, the sponsor is also reflecting their belief that the nominee has developed a viable proposal that would improve outcomes for some or all of: customers, colleagues, counterparties, communities and the organisation they work for, and that the proposal could be realistically implemented in their organisation.


  • Candidates should be employed in a UK deposit-taking or lending institution,  and must remain employed for the duration of the competition;
  • Nominations are sought for individuals with approximately less than  15 years’ experience in banking;
  • Candidates are not required to be a member of the Chartered Banker Institute;
  • Candidates should be willing and available to participate in the semi-final and final, should they be selected;
  • Candidates must be prepared to make their own travel arrangements to and from the final event, although it is hoped that their sponsoring institution will, in most cases, cover the costs;
  • If candidates make it through to the semi-final, they must secure an executive sponsor. The executive sponsor must support their proposal, and if required, be prepared to appear in a short video testimonial for the candidate if selected for the final;
  • The proposal should be originally conceived by the candidate;
  • The proposal should not be confidential;
  • The proposal must be credible enough to be implemented in the short-term, and its impact must be capable of being measured if implemented;
  • The proposal should not involve the Chartered Banker Institute

You can read more here about how the competition process has benefitted previous winners and finalists.