Building Superior Confidence with ABSTRACT

  • 6 November 2018
  • London
  • Seminar
Event Details

The Institute recognises its role in supporting the continued development of the banking profession, and we also recognise that talent alone is sometimes not enough. Our female members in particular may face additional barriers, that could prevent them from achieving their full potential.

We are delighted to partner with ABSTRACT to offer our female members an exclusive programme on Building Superior Confidence. ABSTRACT specialise in creating and delivering Learning & Development programmes designed to develop your career, and work with leading banks and financial services organisations to develop their female talent pools and promote gender diversity, helping to close the gender pay gap and build equal opportunities succession plans.

The all day session will help you: 

  • Understand the building blocks of confidence and how they can be applied in certain situations. 
  • Recognise your own strengths and collate the appropriate references and experiences that will support your confidence.
  • Give yourself permission to push out of your comfort zones where appropriate.
  • Appreciate the elements of trust and further develop your competence and character.
  • Be inspired by how others have addressed confidence issues.
  • Be better equipped to manage the effects of stress that can often diminish confidence.  

During ABSTRACT's extensive research, they discovered that one of the biggest gender gaps is personal confidence. This lack of confidence often stems from early years and is reinforced throughout learning years and adult years. It came as no surprise that a man was far more confident about applying for a promotional role, even though they perhaps had far less capability than a woman colleague, but why? While it may be due to years of conditioning, we have proven that this can be overcome very quickly by reinforcing your strengths and appreciating that confidence is situational. Every human being in the world experiences a ‘confidence gap’ and during this module they ask delegates to consider ‘what size is yours?’ Delegates are encouraged to imagine being able to tap into their key strengths, such that they have the ability to be self-assured in those critical moments. This powerful module capitalises on participants key major assets via their individually-prepared Strengths Assessment. You will also learn powerful exercises that enhance or even re-build your esteem and self-belief during the most testing times.

Venue & Schedule

Venue: 8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4YN

09.00: Registration 
09:30: Introduction 
10.00: Building Superior Confidence Delivery 
17.00: End of session 


To register for this event, please use the online booking system below. Please note this event is currently open to female members of the Institute. 

The cost for this full day event is £250 + VAT. 

If you have any questions, please contact Margot Rayner, Marketing and Events Manager, 

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