Part of the furniture: When do challenger banks stop being challenger banks?

  • 18 October 2023
  • CPD Event
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Since challenger banks emerged in the mid-2010s, they have changed the entire financial landscape, growing exponentially in the process. But for the first time in their short history, the challengers are now being challenged themselves.

It is the opinion of FinTech insight specialists such as Philipp Buschmann, CEO and co-founder of AAZZUR, that challenger banks are ‘now firmly part of the finance furniture, and that challenger banks have cemented themselves in the sector. From such a position, it could be assumed that the challenger banks would inevitably face competition.

However, challenger banks face more challenges than just competitors. It was reported in February 2023 that digital challenger banks are facing difficulty with investors and securing a return on investment from customers, whereas traditional banks are thought to be in a stronger position to support customers with services such as lending.

In this webcast, we will ask ‘when does a challenger bank stop being a challenger bank?’ Or will they forever be segmented as a challenger to traditional banking?

This webcast will also explore the success of challenger banks across the globe and consider the challenges that challenger banks face.


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This webcast will take place on Wednesday 18th October at 13:00 - 14:00 GMT.
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