Webcast: Forming Sound Judgement and Decision Making in Unexpected Times

  • 28 May 2020
  • Webinar
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Critical Thinking, Judgement & Decision Making skills are always important for leaders and aspiring leaders but especially now, as you may be making unexpected, impactful and difficult decisions at a time of change and ambiguity.

In this Critical Thinking Webinar, the award winning Learning & Development company, ABSTRACT, will take the most complex of subjects and make it simple. With increased responsibility in an ever-changing world, you will discover a toolkit to help you become more naturally empowered to form sound judgement and make good decisions.

In just a few moves, you will be able to cut through the fog and clearly see the problem to solve, ask the right questions and make informed decisions from a simple trilogy of answers, helping you to form better judgements and decisions, both individually and collectively as teams.

We are delighted to have two ABSTRACT directors delivering this webcast: 

Andy Nicol, CEO 
Andy is a former Scotland International Rugby Union player and captain, who also appeared on two British & Irish Lions tours. He now works with BBC Sport and he is CEO of ABSTRACT, an award winning learning and development company specialising in leadership, diversity & inclusion and decision making. ABSTRACT's Accelerate Programme, which recently won the Diversity Initiative of the Year at the Women in Finance Awards in Dublin, has so far helped over 2000 women in Scotland, England, Ireland and worldwide to develop and manage their careers.

Andy's leadership credentials include being Captain of both his Club and Country before transitioning from elite sport to the media and business worlds, mastering new and often challenging environments as he has journeyed from the changing room to the green room to the board room. Andy has received an Honorary Doctor of Arts from the University of Abertay to compliment his business degree. His communication and presentation skills are world class, as is his understanding of what it takes to lead, be led and operate at the
highest level.

Mark Fryer, Commercial Director 
Mark is a Director and board member of ABSTRACT. He enjoyed a successful 20 year career in banking and financial services during which time he created and led a Private Banking & Wealth Management division of over 1,000 people. He believes that his achievements are a consequence of ‘simplicity of thought’ and courage.

Mark specialises in leadership, performance management, strategic change, critical thinking and decision making for ABSTRACT and he works with a diverse range of clients from clinical anaesthesia and respiratory equipment manufacturing to global stationery distribution, as well as banking and financial services. 

Date & Schedule

Thursday 28th May 

12.00pm BST 


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