August / September 2017

During the financial crisis, banks that centred their decisions on the needs of people and the environment proved particularly resilient. Rather than simply avoiding harmful financing enterprises, they sought businesses that actively benefit wider society. As sustainable finance firmly enters the mainstream and pressure mounts for global regulators to "stress-test" portfolios of large institutional investors against long-term environmental objectives, Alexa Robertson reports.

Thinking Green - Full Special Report 

The Sustainability Opportunity
The Long View
The New Colour of Money
Embedding Green Thinking

Legislation designed to prevent financial crime may, in fact, be undermining the effectiveness of organisations tasked with protecting humanity's most vulnerable, writes Helen King.

Risk Under Review

Far from being a punitive administrative burden imposed by regulators, gender pay gap reporting is an opportunity for banks to demonstrate the quality of their business to the world, says Helen King.

Rebalancing the Workplace

The consolidation of Bacs, the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company and the Faster Payments Scheme aims to reduce the complexity and costs of having three major payment system operators. But the merger could also help banks and other payment system providers (PSPs) to harness innovation and meet evolving customer needs.

Pay Your Way

With technological change in banking showing no sign of slowing down, Jamie Graham asks whether enough is being done to balance risk with innovation when it comes to financial security.

Passport to the Future

Networking might seem daunting at first, but it is a valuable skill that can help you boost your career, says Teresa Robertson, Business Partner - People, Planning & Communication, Chartered Banker Institute.

Making Connections