June / July 2017

Whistleblowing guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) encourages firms to implement internal procedures that allow employees to raise concerns about wrongdoing and poor practice - and protect those reporting genuine problems. The Special Report asks: is the industry doing enough to support whistleblowers? 

Safe to Speak Up - Full Special Report 

Testing the Rules 
Culture of Protection 
A Problem Shared 

As HSBC joins other high street banks in introducing new gender-neutral titles for its customers, Jamie Graham considers the importance of defining gender in access to financial services. 

The Power of Choice

Digital payments offer an easy alternative to cash, but they are causing a psychological disconnect between customers and their account balance. Do banks have a responsibility to ensure that money does not become an abstract concept? 

Is Digital Driving Debt

What does Open Banking mean for the average person? And how can incumbent banks make the most of this opportunity? 

Unlock the Door to DATA

Teresa Robertson, Business Partner - People, Planning and Communication at the Chartered Banker Institute explains how to use LinkedIn to build and engage with your professional network. 

Grow Your Online Network