Policy & Research

The Chartered Banker Institute conducts and supports research by academics, regulators and practitioners into areas of particular interest to the Institute and its members, including:

  • Professional Standards
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Culture, Conduct and Behaviour
  • Banking Standards
  • Banking Regulation
  • Education and Training of Bankers

Our work to enhance and sustain ethical and professional standards in banking both informs and is informed by the evidence-based research we conduct ourselves and with our research partners. Most of our research findings are made freely available and disseminated widely to stimulate public debate on the issues raised. 

We believe that a strong banking profession, committed to high ethical and professional standards, can be a force for social good, and our aim is to enhance and sustain the banking profession in the UK, European Union and other regulatory consultations seeking to ensure that our members' voices are heard.

Recent Consultation Responses

Institute's Response to Government's Draft Strategic Guidance

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Institute's Response to Banking Standards Board's Proposed Fitness & Propriety Assessment Principles

Institute's response to CMA - Retail Banking Market Investigation - Provisional Decision on Remedies

Institute's response to Financial Advice Market Review - Call for Input - Consultation

Institute's response to Financial Advice Market Review - Call for Input - Consultation - Appendix 1 - Simplified draft structure

Institute's response to Regulatory References Consultation Paper October 2015 FCA CP15/31 PRA CP36/15

Chartered Banker Institute - Response to Corporate Governance - Board Responsibilities May 2015 Consultation

Institute's response to Fair and Effective Markets Review

 Institute's response to PRA-FCA Consultation on Proposals to Strengthen Accountability in Banking

 Response to the new Banking Standards Review Council

 Response to the Banking Standards Review Consultation

 Response to the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards

Earlier Research

Independent research by YouGov conducted in 2009-10 shows a strong public support for Chartered Banker among banks' retail and business customers:

 What Bank Customers Want

 What Business Customers Want

 What Qualifications Bank Customers Want To See