Press Releases

CBPSB founding Chairman recognised in New Year Honours List

Institute launches Young Banker of the Year 2018

Banking culture is measurable

Institute announces 3 new Centres of Excellence

Joanna Finlay wins Young Banker of the Year 2017

Professional pride key to repairing bankings image says new Chartered Banker Professionalism Index

The Indian Institute of Banking & Finance & The Chartered Banker Institute enter historic mutual agreement

4 Finalists announced for Young Banker of the Year 2017

New Research confirms Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board (CBPSB) is driving professionalism in banking

Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board - creating a real and lasting difference in banking standards

The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and the Chartered Banker Institute enter mutual agreement

Institute announces new partnership with FINSIA

Institute expands its role in apprenticeships

CB:PSB launches a new professional standard for bankers

Chartered Body Alliance response to BSB's Certification Regime Fitness and Propriety Guidance

Institute encourages new banking apprentices to rise to the professionalism challenge

Institute supports the Finance Innovation Lab's 2017 Fellowship Programme

New Alliance to enhance professionalism in financial services

Institute recognised as a leading assessor of apprenticeships

Clemens Spoorenberg stepping down as EBTN President

Institute congratulates first cohort of 13 new Associate Chartered Bankers from University of Stirling

Institute's Chartered Banker programme recognised as setting professional standards for Malaysian bankers

Felicia Emery appointed EBTN Executive Manager

Independent Monitoring Panel to enhance professional standards for bankers

Institute welcomes Banking Standards Board's call for professional bodies to play a significant role in raising standards

Winner of Young Banker of the Year 2016 donates prize to Ghanaian School

First stakeholder forum helps shape professional standards for bankers

Bernard Adjei wins UK Young Banker of the Year 2016

Banking and finance professional bodies unite to launch Certificates of Professionalism to go above and beyond regulation

Institute welcomes CMA's Report and Recommendations

4 Finalists announced for Young Banker of the Year 2016

EBTN Announces New President, Executive Committee and Board starting January 2017

Deputy Chief Executive Announced as new President of EBTN

Young Banker Semi-Finalists Announced

First strong evidence to emerge of changing banking behaviour

Institute leads debate on banking culture and conduct

The changing face of professionalism

Institute welcomes the publication of the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) recommendations

Professional Bodies Rise to the Challenge of the Senior Managers Regime

Institute launches Young Banker of the Year 2016

Wide support for new banking standards

EBTN installed Triple E Committee

Minister launches new qualification to support the Credit Union movement

Institute taking the lead in clarifying the Emerging Banking Standards Landscape

Institute launches new qualification to support the Credit Union movement
Institute congratulates 45 new Chartered Bankers in Malaysia

Professionalism is returning to the banking industry

Institute welcomes CMA's “thoughtful” retail/SME banking investigation

The Chartered Banker Institute calls on regulators and the banking industry to develop new proportionate and rigorous systems of reporting and dealing with misconduct

The Triple E Standard: a case of excellence in Europe

EBTN successfully launches a new quality standard for professional qualifications in the European banking and financial services industry

Institute welcomes Governor's call for better training and higher qualifications

Strengthening accountability in banking - Final rules published by the Regulators

CBPSB Progress Report

EBTN ready to launch new qualifications standard for the European financial services sector

Sir Richard Gifford to receive Honorary Fellowship of the Chartered Banker Institute

Institute's response to Dame Colette Bowe's appointment as Chairman of the Banking Standards Review Council

Institute to enhance professional standards and qualifications for bankers in China

Response to the Banking Standards Review Consultation