Become a Fellow

We believe that all Members of our Institute should aspire to become Fellows.  It is the highest status conferred by the Institute and is a measure of the seniority of the holder. To be elected a Fellow you must be considered by our Council to have made a significant contribution to banking, and to the objectives of the Institute.
To be eligible for Fellowship of the Institute, nominees must hold an advanced professional qualification which includes study of professionalism and ethics and appropriate coverage of credit and lending. Nominees must also hold Chartered Banker status.

Nominees who attained Chartered Banker status by completing the Chartered Banker Diploma or a predecessor qualification will require five years’ post qualifying experience to be eligible for Fellowship.  

Nominees who attained Chartered Banker status by recognition of a qualification equivalent to the Chartered Banker Diploma will require to have ten years’ experience in banking.
Like all members, our Fellows demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development and must abide by our Code of Professional Conduct. Fellows are expected to act as role models and mentors for others in the profession, as champions for banking professionalism and as ambassadors for the Institute and wider banking profession.
You can recognise one of our Fellows through their use the designatory letters FCIBS after their name, and those qualified as such, may use the professional designation Chartered Banker.


Fellowship FAQs

  • How do I nominate someone for Fellowship?

    Nominations for Fellowship must be submitted on the appropriate Fellowship Nomination Pack to the Chief Executive of the Institute. Proposals will be accepted from existing Fellows of the Institute or appropriate representatives of banks, or other financial services organisations. The nomination must be signed by two current Fellows of our Institute.

  • Is it possible to make a nomination without the form?

    Fellowship is the highest status conferred by our Institute and is a measure of the holder.  For this reason, Council requires all nominees to complete and sign a declaration on the nomination form, to ensure that prospective Fellows meet the required standards of professional and ethical behaviour.  In completing the proposal form, proposers and seconders are also asked to confirm that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, candidates for Fellowship meet these required standards.

  • How long does it take to approve a Fellowship nomination?

    All nominations are considered by the Institute’s Executive Committee and approved recommendations are submitted for confirmation at the next scheduled meeting of Council.  The length of the approval process will depend upon when the nomination is submitted in the annual cycle of Committee and Council meetings.  The maximum period would be five months but in most cases will be considerably less.  Nominees will receive an initial acknowledgement letter and will be advised of Council’s decision following the meeting at which their name is put forward.

  • When is Fellowship conferred?

    Fellowship is formally conferred at the Institute’s annual Graduation Ceremony to which all newly elected Fellows are invited.  However, Nominees are entitled to refer to themselves as Fellows and to use the designation FCIBS as soon as Council has formally advised them of their election to the roll of Fellows. In order to use and maintain their designation, Fellows are required to maintain their membership of the Institute and satisfy the annual CPD requirements.

  • What action do you take if the information supplied is incorrect?

    Before submission, please check information supplied very carefully to avoid errors or discrepancies. If, prior to election, the information provided on the nomination form is found to be inaccurate or misleading, then the nomination is liable to be rejected. If this is discovered after the award of Fellowship has been made then, following further investigation, the Fellowship may be withdrawn and you may become subject to disciplinary action.


With Fellowship comes additional benefits. The status earned through being a Fellow is recognised as one of the most prestigious in the banking and finance sector worldwide.
There are currently circa 1000 Institute Fellows, including many of the UK’s top bankers and financiers. Being a Fellow provides access to unparalleled networking opportunities.


Election to Fellowship is a mark of achievement and success.  It is also an expectation of service. The role of a Fellow is to contribute, in whatever way they are able, to promoting and achieving the aims and objectives of the institute.  This contribution should include the encouragement of colleagues to become professionally qualified and engaged as members of the Institute.
We ask that our Fellows:
  • actively promote the Institute whenever and wherever the opportunity arises; 
  • mentor, encourage and support both fellow members of the Institute and the wider banking profession;
  • encourage others to professionally qualify with the Institute, and help to develop and nurture them during their careers; and
  • support our work locally through active attendance, involvement and willing advice.
Fellowship is about promoting the high ethical, professional and technical standards needed to rebuild public confidence and trust in the banking profession and growing the Institute so our influence and expertise make a positive difference to the culture of our financial services industry.

If you would like to be considered for Fellowship, or to nominate one of our members, please download the Fellowship Nomination Pack.


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