We offer professional conversion routes to Chartered Banker status, for bankers originally qualified with ACIB or ACIBS qualifications.

We have tailored this conversion programme specifically for Associates of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) or the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland (ACIBS)*. The programme recognises the learning covered to achieve the associateship, asks candidates to reflect on the changes that have taken place in the sector since qualifying and challenges them to consider and apply their knowledge and skill to ethical dilemmas.

*Open to those ACIBS holders that enrolled for their Associateship qualification prior to April 2006.

What is invovled?

To become a Chartered Banker, you are required to complete a piece of reflective work in which you will demonstrate:

  • an awareness of how banking and banking regulation have changed since completing your initial   qualification, and how these changes affect current banking practice;
  • an understanding of the key principles of customer-focused ethical professionalism in a banking   environment; and
  • an ability to apply ethical thinking, decision-making and professional judgement to situations at work in which  ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest may arise.

The Chartered Banker Professional Conversion Programme offers a route to Chartered Banker status that builds on your existing knowledge, skills and experience.

Key Facts

  •  The Chartered Banker Professional Conversion Programme for ACIBs/ACIBSs costs £595 (£495 for current   ACIBS members). This includes: Professionalism, Ethics and Regulation study text, assignment marking, and (for non members) one year’s membership of the Chartered Banker Institute, including access to the Institute’s online resources, and a subscription to Chartered Banker magazine.

  • Although candidates will have up to 12 months from the date of registration to complete the conversion course, it is expected that most candidates will require just 8-12 weeks to study the material provided and complete the assignment.
  • The conversion course is assessed by a work-based assignment submitted for marking.
  • The assignment is marked out of 100 and candidates must achieve 60% to pass.  
  • . A re-submission fee of £120 to cover the costs of coaching and marking will be payable to candidates who fail the assignment on the first attempt 
  • On successful completion of the assignment, candidates will be awarded Chartered Banker status, and  invited to become Members of the Chartered Banker Institute.



ACIBS/ACIB Professional Conversion Programme FAQs

I enrolled for the Institute’s Associateship programme after 2006; can I still apply for this programme?

No. The programme for achieving ACIBS status has changed significantly since 2006 and provides its own route to Chartered Banker. This conversion programme is specifically designed to support those that enrolled for the Institute’s Associateship programme before April 2006. If you are unsure about the programme you followed, please contact our Member Engagement Team, Email: [email protected] 

I understand that if I fail the assignment I will be offered a coaching service. Who will I be coached by and when?

If you do not achieve the pass mark at the first attempt you will be offered one 30 minute telephone coaching session. This will be with a suitably qualified tutor or member of the Institute team who will discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your assignment and what needs to happen in order for you to pass.

Are there any exemptions?

No. This is a conversion programme which builds on your previous qualification learning and experience.

Do I need to pass an examination to become a Chartered Banker?

There is no examination as part of this route to Chartered Banker. However, you must submit and pass a formally assessed assignment. For those who prefer a more traditional examined programme, please contact our Member Engagement Team: [email protected] 

How do I complete the programme if my first attempt was unsuccessful?

You should advise our Membership Engagement Team that you wish to re-submit your assignment. On payment of the £100 administration fee, you can then submit a re-worked version of your assignment for marking.

How do I receive my results?

Your result will normally be available to view in the members’ area of our website 6 weeks after you submit your assignment. If you have been successful we will also write to you to confirm completion of the programme.

How long will it take me to complete this programme?

Although you will have up to 12 months from the date of registration to complete the programme, it is anticipated that most candidates will be able to complete it within 8-12 weeks.

I achieved my ACIB with an institute outside the UK. Am I eligible to apply for this programme?

Whilst other banking institutes may award the ACIB designation, the programme of study may vary. We may ask you to provide more information about the syllabus you studied to ensure this is the right route for you before taking your application further. In the first instance, please submit an application for Recognition of Prior Learning.

I qualified as an ACIBS but have not retained my membership of the Institute; can I still apply for this programme?

Yes. However you will need to pay the non-member fee which is currently £595.

Is the coaching session compulsory?

No, however you may find the discussion useful when preparing to re-submit your assignment.

Is there a maximum word count for the assignment?

Yes. Your assignment should be no more than 3,000 words.

Once I have completed the conversion programme how do I become a Chartered Banker and do I need to do anything to keep it?

Upon completing the programme you will be a Chartered Banker. Once holding this status, you will be expected to display the highest standards of professionalism and comply with our Code of Professional Conduct. To retain your Chartered Banker status, you must maintain your annual membership of the Chartered Banker Institute and adhere to our programme of Continuing Professional Development.

What evidence do I need to provide to enrol for this programme?

If you are an ACIB, you will need to send us an application for Recognition of Prior Learning. ACIBS holders are not required to provide evidence of their existing qualification.

What is the assignment pass mark?

The pass mark for the assignment is 60%.

Who is this programme for?

This professional conversion programme has been designed specifically to provide a route to Chartered Banker status for Associates of the Institute who qualified pre-April 2006, and Associates of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, now known as the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

Who marks my assignment?

An examiner appointed by the Institute will mark your assignment.

Will my employer sponsor me to do this?

We cannot comment on what support your employer may offer. Chartered Banker status is recognised by the banks and, most importantly, their customers, as an individual’s commitment to customer-focused ethical professionalism. We recommend that you discuss your interest with your line manager or HR department before applying.