Managing climate-related risks and supporting the transition to a low-carbon world are our most significant global challenges. In order to tackle this collective challenge, finance professionals globally need to develop their knowledge of green and sustainable Finance.

Updated for 2020, the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance  now encompasses broader aspects of sustainability, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, although the focus remains on “green”. This global, benchmark qualification will help individuals to develop their understanding of, and apply, green and sustainable finance principles and practice in their roles and within their institutions.

The 2020 edition of the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance syllabus has been developed to encompass broader aspects of sustainable finance, alongside green finance;

  • Introduces green and sustainable finance in the context of retail, commercial and wholesale banking, central and development banks, insurance and investment sectors;
  • Covers the science of climate change and the role of the financial system in the natural world;
  • Global, international and national policy, regulatory and industry responses to support flows of finance for sustainable growth;
  • Identifying, disclosing and reporting climate-related financial risks, and other environmental and sustainability risks;
  • Introduces key sustainable finance frameworks/principles (e.g. UN SDGs, PRI/PRB, TCFD, Green Bond and Green Loan Principles;
  • Supporting customers in their transition to sustainability;
  • Overview of green and sustainable FinTech;
  • Ethical dimensions of green and sustainable finance, and the role of Green and Sustainable Finance ProfessionalsTM.


To register your interest in the new Certificate, please complete the form below. Please note enrolments will be open from 1 June 2020. 


Simon Thompson, CEO, answers questions from our recent webcast

Is this qualification provided under a specific apprenticeship standard?

Not at present - there is no apprenticeship standard for green and sustainable finance.  The Certificate forms part of the Institute's Professional Banker Diploma, though, which can be studied as part of two existing apprenticeships:

  • Level 3 Senior Financial Services Customer Adviser 
  • Level 6 Senior Compliance / Risk Specialist 

Please speak to our Institute team for more details about these.  When the financial services apprenticeship standards are reviewed, we will be seeking to ensure greater coverage of green and sustainable finance, and are already working with the relevant stakeholders to try to ensure this is the case.

This is a fast moving area - how will you support me to keep my knowledge current after passing? Will i receive ongoing access to subsequent updates of the learning materials?

Yes - after passing the Certificate you will become a member of the Chartered Banker Institute with access to a wide and ever-growing range of CPD resources, including updated learning materials.

Which sub sectors and professions in financials services is the certificate most or best adopted to?

The Certificate is aimed at a wide audience of financial services professionals in banking, investment and insurance, rather than any one sub-sector or profession.  I think all will find it of equal relevance.

I am currently studying the original version of the Green Finance Certificate. Will this be of less value than the updated 2020 version, and if so what can I and do to bridge the gap, and how can the Institute help?

I hope you're enjoying your studies!  The current version is just as valid and valued, but green and sustainable finance is such a rapidly developing field that we need to keep the Certificate and learning materials regularly updated.  After completing the Certificate (hopefully soon) you will become a member of the Chartered Banker Institute with access to all our CPD resources.  These will include the learning materials for the new version of the Certificate and so you can bridge the gap by working through the new e-learning modules and/or the new version of Green and Sustainable Finance: Principles and Practice.