The Certified Bank Director programme is a unique, specialist governance programme, designed specifically for Bank Directors, (executive and non-executive) or, those operating at executive committee level. It is an intensive 10 day programme completed in two separate blocks of five days during each. At a cost of £12,000, the programme will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the unique governance issues associated with banks arising from the inherent complexity of banking business models and their risk profile.

On completion of this programme candidates will:

  • Understand the essence of a bank, the banking system, the lessons from the banking crisis, and the likely future development of banking post-crisis including the implications of Basel III
  • Appreciate the implications of recent regulatory changes and the legal, regulatory and governance framework relevant to board directors
  • Know the components, measurement and control of bank risk, stress testing, funding and credit risk
  • Comprehend the unique risk profile of banking models, including the systematic and systemic implications of risk-related policies in the context of strategy and the relationship between risk appetite, profitability and stakeholder maximisation
  • Appreciate the efficacy of the internal governance processes and the application of best practice
  • Understand the behaviours required from well-functioning boards and the expectations and requirements of individual

On successful completion of this programme, candidates will earn the professional designation of Certified Bank Director from the Institute of Banking in association with the Chartered Banker Institute.

For further information, please download the brochure or contact Eva Kiss, Admissions and Relationship Manager, Institute of Banking; email