With the outbreak of the coronavirus,  our members were faced with many new challenges. To help our members we created Lockdown Learning; sharing resources, webcasts and thought leadership tools to support and enhance the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the current climate. 

We hope the resources below will help members personally and professionally. 

  • Supporting Customers in Crisis

As we start to re-build from the damage caused by Covid-19, the banking professional will be relied upon to support the economic life and prosperity of customers and communities. We have developed two new, comprehensive e-learning modules on Customers in Crisis and Vulnerable Customers for our members. 

These modules will helps banking professionals interact with, and support, their customers through the aftermath of Covid-19. 

Access the modules below

Supporting Customers in Crisis

Supporting Customers in Crisis

90 minutes to complete

Vulnerable Customers

Vulnerable Customers E-Learning

A new, comprehensive e-learning module on vulnerable customers and how to support them.

More resources on vulnerable customers

21 June 2019

Financial Fraud Round-Table

Financial Crime Prevention

8 March 2019

Special Report - Fighting Financial Fraud

Financial Crime Prevention | Regulation & Compliance

29 October 2019

Protecting Vulnerable Customers

Regulation & Compliance

19 February 2019

Vulnerable Consumers in Focus

Regulation & Compliance

  • Online learning

Online learning gives learners choice and flexibility with their studies. The resources shared look at how you can refresh your knowledge and gain new skills through digital pathways, use digital resources effectively and be a digital leader. 

online learning resources

18 May 2020

Our top tips for online learning

Career Development

28 April 2020

Webcast: Keeping your career on track while working & parenting

Career Development

  • Leading Through Change and Challenge

The pandemic created many new challenges for leaders and managers. The resources below look at how to lead a team in a crisis, how to build resilience in your team and how to cope with change.

Leading through change and challenge

  • Building Resilience  

Throughout this year, we have all had to adapt to challenging circumstances. Taking steps to build your resilience will help you to face these challenges and the resources below provide tools to do so. 

Building Your Resilience

  • Maintaining Your Wellbeing 

Looking after your wellbeing during this time is of the utmost importance. These resources focus on how to maintain your wellbeing looking after a team and mental health.


  • Upcoming Webcasts 

Take a look at our upcoming webcasts for more support and guidance with current issues.