The Chartered Banker Institute is the only professional banking institute in the UK. We are a member-led organisation, representing qualified bankers and those working towards their professional qualifications.

When the Institute was founded in 1875 it laid down principles which we stand by today. Our objectives, as set out in our Royal Charter, are:

  • to encourage the highest standards of professionalism and conduct amongst our members in the public interest;
  • to improve and extend the knowledge and expertise of those engaged in banking and financial services;
  • to conduct examinations and promote the continued study of banking and financial services in all their aspects;
  • to award certificates to candidates who meet the standards laid down by the Institute;
  • to establish links and co-operate with other professional or educational bodies with a view to the pursuit of common objectives and
  • to represent the banking profession both nationally and internationally.

Research Themes

In supporting these objectives, the Institute is interested in supporting research from our Centres of Excellence and not necessarily solely from their faculties of banking and finance. There is no definitive list of subject areas, but priority will be given to the following areas:

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Conduct risk
  • Culture
  • Professionalism (e.g. Education and training of bankers, Professional standards or developing the banking profession)
  • The development of Green Finance or concepts of sustainability for banking.

Other research topics may be considered if they:

  • are agreed to be influential to emerging policy in banking;
  • are aligned to the Institute’s objectives;
  • make a contribution to thought leadership, either in or from the banking industry.

To find out more, please view our Application for Research Funding form for further information or contact Mark Roberts,  Head of Learning Partnerships Strategy