We are delighted to be able to offer the Chartered Banker Mentoring Scheme as a benefit to our members. We have established our mentoring scheme as a way of demonstrating our commitment to our members' development, both personally and professionally.

How it Works

The Chartered Banker Mentoring Scheme is a benefit available to all Institute members, and is a unique opportunity to help and support fellow members.


If you are a member of the Chartered Banker Institute, and are interested in mentoring other members, then please log into your member area where you will be able to create a profile on the mentoring platform.  We welcome mentors from all levels; including members at the start of their career right the way through to experienced professionals. Mentees will be able to view your profile, send messages and request to work with you via the mentoring platform. 
As a mentor, your primary goal is to provide guidance and support to your mentee. The responsibility of managing the relationship is between the mentor and the mentee.

From the successful mentoring relationships, we currently have in place it has been identified that a lot of the conversations have focused around career progression, networking, cv skills and interview advice.


If you feel you would benefit from having a mentor to provide guidance with your career development, networking, cv skills or interview advice, you cancreate a profile on and browse the current mentors. . Once you have registered and joined the programme you can review mentors profiles, and contact those who best suits your requirements and development. You will be asked to provided information on the areas of support you are looking for and the skills and strengths you are looking for in a mentor. The information will be visible to mentors, in the same way you are able to view their information. You are able to ask any questions ahead of starting a formal mentoring relationship. Please do not be discouraged if you do not find a mentor the first time you make a request, the best mentoring takes place when both sides of the relationship are happy to share and have honest conversations.
As a mentee, your primary role is to identify the goals, skills and knowledge you want to achieve and communicate these to your mentor. Once a working agreement has been made the Institute will not participate in the mentee/mentor relationship.

If you have an issue or query, please email mentoring@charteredbanker.com