Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse through the Workplace

  • 20 April 2022
  • Webcast | Professionalism and Ethics | Video
  Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse through the Workplace

Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse through the Workplace

During this webcast, we will be looking at the impact of domestic abuse across our communities and workforces. We will be exploring the complex dynamics that sometimes underpin and fuel different types of domestic abuse as well as look at the importance of embedding a strong workplace culture of understanding.

We will demonstrate the important role that the Workplace can have in ‘Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Abuse’ as well as looking at the first 4 steps in beginning to ‘break that cycle’.

This webcast will also include Rosie’s own personal experience of financial abuse and its consequences, as well as hearing about her Young Banker of the Year idea.

Rosie has started implementing her idea in AIB and is encouraging all financial institutions to join her in making a difference.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees will understand what we mean when we talk about ‘domestic abuse’
  • Attendees will understand how our Communities and Workforces are impacted by ‘domestic abuse’
  • Attendees will understand the powerful role that a ‘Workplace’ can play in breaking the cycle.
  • Attendees will understand the first 4 steps to breaking that cycle through the Workplace.

Who should watch?

  • All staff, particularly front-line staff dealing with customers, those in support functions including Credit, Compliance, and policy making areas.
  • In relation to staff affected by domestic or financial abuse, this session will be relevant to all managers.



Rosie Lyon

Rosie Lyon

Allied Irish Bank (AIB) | Executive Assistant


Rosie is an Executive Assistant with AIB. Her banking career started in 2016 as a cashier and since then she has worked her way up to her current role gaining experience across areas as diverse as front-line cashier, AML, Customer relationship management, and more.

Rosie won Young Banker of the Year 2021 with her idea to provide a fairer financial future for sufferers and survivors of domestic abuse. Rosie has done a lot of work on this initiative and has already made good progress in implementing it in AIB. She’s aiming for others in the UK financial industry to adopt a similar approach.

Lucy Whittaker

Lucy Whittaker

Alpha Vesta CIC | Founding Director and Lead Trainer

Alpha Vesta CIC was founded in 2019 by Lucy Whittaker who had spent many years working in the Domestic Abuse Sector within Complex Casework and Child Protection. She fundamentally believes that more should be done to break the cycle of domestic abuse before victims, perpetrators, their children and families enter crisis.  Along with university studies in criminology and psychology, she set about researching valuable ways in which that cycle could be broken much sooner.  Alpha Vesta was subsequently founded with a very clear mission and foundation statement of ‘breaking the cycle of domestic abuse through awareness, prevention and safe and effective early intervention through the workplace’.  Alpha Vesta deliver on their mission by creating awareness, delivering presentations, talks, training and policy development services across Workforces and Communities to better understand domestic abuse, its complexity and impact as well as protect our communities and workforces from the ripple effect.