How has Covid-19 impacted organisational culture, conduct and ultimately risk appetite?

  • 22 May 2020
  • Webinar
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Is the culture of Banking shifting to create a more ethically sound financial system which is resilient & sustainable, or is misconduct still a significant risk plaguing our industry?

How has Covid-19 impacted organizational culture, conduct and ultimately risk appetite?

What critical steps are required to reinforce an organisation’s desired culture and manage conduct to maximise impact on business performance?

An organisation’s culture and conduct management are critical to maximise its business potential and to survive, emerge and thrive through Covid-19. Join Natalie Wharton, CEO of Wharton Business Consulting, to 1) explore organisational culture midst Covid-19 2) explain key steps in defining, measuring and embedding your desired culture & conduct 3) examine the critical leadership behaviours, capabilities and mindset required for the future.

Date & Schedule

Friday 22nd May

11am BST


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