Understanding Business Ethics - Training Course

  • 5 October 2020
  • Seminar
Training Course Details

Our colleagues at the Institute of Business Ethics are inviting our members along to this online training course Understanding Business Ethics. 

This  course is essential for those wishing to think practically about business ethics. Together, we will look at what influences people's decisions - why good people might end up doing bad things - and we will discuss practical ways in which your organisation can promote the desired behaviours. 

We will help you to build the case internally for investing time and resources in your ethics programme and we will discuss with you some ethical dilemmas that will address important ethical challenges.

The course is based on good practice established through the IBE’s research and expertise. It is designed to be interactive; we will provide plenty of opportunity for you to discuss and share ideas with us and with your peers.

What topics will be covered in the course:
•       What is business ethics?
•       Why is managing business ethics important?
•       How do people make decisions?
•       How can organisations support ethical decision-making?
•       What is the role of senior leaders?

At the end of the course, participants can request a certificate of completion.

Booking Details
To book, please visit here and use the code IBEProfUnderstanding2020 to secure your member discount.