The Chartered Banker Institute is the largest professional body for bankers in the UK, with more than 30,000 members.  Our impact and influence continues to grow, with members and students in over 100 countries worldwide.

We are proud to be oldest banking institute in the world, and proud to be the only organisation in the world approved by the UK’s Privy Council to award the “Chartered Banker” designation to our qualified members.  Founded in 1875, to serve the public interest by enhancing and sustaining the highest standards of customer-focused, ethical professionalism in banking, our work today is as important as it was 140 years ago. 

To mark our centenary in 1975, we received our Royal Charter and became the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.  In 2018 we were granted a Supplementary Charter, establishing our Institute as the Chartered Banker Institute, the UK’s professional body for bankers with growing global impact and influence.

Read our Royal Charter, awarded in 1975.

 Our work as a professional body complements and supports the work of regulators and others in the UK and internationally to develop a sustainable banking industry based on strong and universal principles of stewardship, prudence and professionalism.  We do this by:

  • Developing, promoting and monitoring professional standards for bankers, establishing the Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board (CB:PSB) in 2010; 
  • Helping individuals in the UK and around the world develop and demonstrate high standards of professional competence through a wide range of study programmes and professional banking qualifications
  • Working with banks and other financial services organisations to accredit and certify learning and development programmes that meet the Institute’s high standards; 
  • Working with banking institutes in other countries, universities in the UK and overseas and with other educational partners to raise standards of banking education and training worldwide;
  • Supporting our members – the professional bankers on whom the future of banking depends – throughout their careers. 

Together, the Chartered Banker Institute and our members are proud of the professionalism we bring to banking around the world, and of the contribution we are making individually and collectively, to a sustainable banking profession.

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