Technology and human behaviour in decision making

  • 24 May 2022
  • Webinar
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This webinar is vital for anyone involved in, or interested in financial decision making and those wanting to develop their understanding of the roles technology and human behaviour play in the decision making process.

Decision making is a key aspect within the majority of roles across the financial services sector. During this webcast, our panellists will discuss how important it is for finance professionals to understand how the decisions they make in their daily roles will affect customers and the direction of finance in general. 

Has technology advanced to allow us to make better decisions? If so, how? Has it enabled us to make choices that are benefiting our community and does it allow us to capture data from these decisions in order to create worthwhile changes? These are some of the topics our panel will discuss during this live webcast.

Alongside the technology aspect, our esteemed panel will also address the complex nature of human behaviour and translate this into introductory terms, making this webcast accessible for all working in banking, accounting and finance. 

This is a joint event with the Chartered Banker Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University and ICAEW North West.


Hazel Carter-Showell

Carter Corson Business Psychologists | Chief Executive Officer

I have over 20 years experience of developing executives and successfully advising on people strategy, behavioural and complex organisational change. I develop leadership potential and resolve complex people problems to improve business performance. I am the go to facilitator for messy relationships at board level, challenging away days and often asked to speak by media, conferences and events.

My projects range from leadership, Trustee and partner development programmes for Imperial College, RSM, Aviva, Unilever, Thyssenkrupp, HSBC, Scottish Parliament, National Assembly for Wales and the House of Commons to the NHS, and UK Sport amongst many.

As an experienced board coach with expertise in: behavioural analysis, merger and acquisition integration, psychometric profiling, complex change and conflict, I work with high profile execs to help them succeed, without sacrificing what matters.


Albert Janse van Vuuren

Albert Janse van Vuuren

The Manchester Metropolitan University | Senior Lecturer / Finance Professional


Before moving to higher education at the end of 2020, I spent 19 years in the financial services industry where I held numerous roles such as Business Analyst, Financial Analytics Manager, Financial Operations Manager and Chief Financial Officer. The specific areas I was involved in was Behavioural Management in an insurance environment, Product Pricing, Banking and Financial Modelling.

Since moving into Academia my focus has shifted slightly as I now teach undergraduate Management Accounting, supervise postgraduate research and conduct research into budgeting for Agile Software Development to facilitate investment decisions and Management Accounting.

Dr. Katarzyna Werner-Masters

Dr. Katarzyna Werner-Masters

Manchester Metropolitan University | Senior Lecturer & Active Behavioral Researcher


Kat is a Senior Lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University and an active behavioral researcher. Her research expertise lies in the area of individual decision making under risk and uncertainty with the focus on the impact that heuristics, biases and rules of thumb have on financial choices.

Kat published papers exploring key behavioral principles guiding the choice of financial products, such as insurance, but her real passion lies in exploring how to use behavioral insights in policy making to nudge people towards a better decision-making and protect them from detrimental choices. Specifically, Kat has co-authored the report outlining the impact that rules of thumb have on financial outcomes of individuals for Money Advice Service.

She has also been awarded a grant from the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing for her research focusing on the potential use of nudges by financial advisors. In the future Kat plans to undertake more research focusing on biases among financial professionals.

John Toon

John Toon

Beever and Struthers | Tech Strategy Lead

As Tech Advisory Lead at Beever and Struthers, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors John grows and manages a portfolio of clients based across the UK and internationally. He deals with a diverse range of sectors and specialises in the Innovation, Communication and IT sector and is a firm believer that whilst every business is unique, many business issues are common and unique solutions can be found in other sectors, you just need to find the software to do so!


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Tuesday, 24th May 2022

13:00 UK BST


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