Events are moving fast in the global banking sector. A contracting interest rate environment and inflationary global economy has led to the first bank failures in years, followed by mergers of two of Europe’s leading lenders. Despite banks never being better capitalised, more ready to optimise costs, and more aware of the need to innovate for customers, fears of an impending credit crunch are mounting. Are banks on the edge of crisis? How will they maintain their plans to expand, innovate, diversify and harmonise their businesses in a turbulent global context? How will lenders navigate their way through an environment of wavering investor confidence in the financial sector? How will lenders’ strategies adapt through this uncertainty?

The Global Banking Summit brings together top influencers from across the banking stack - from leaders in financial crime to open banking; from CEOs to chief sustainability officers. This event is the only strategy-focused banking conference that brings all the top CEOs in one place to debate the future of the industry and learn from peers and competitors across three days of keynote interviews, panel discussions, and technical group debates.

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