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28 August 2020

International Webcast: Fighting Financial Fraud in Times of Covid 19 : A Global Perspective

Financial Crime Prevention

28 July 2020

Webcast: A New Paradigm For Risk Governance - Rethinking Risk After The Pandemic

Risk Management

7 July 2020

Webcast: Closing the skills gap in financial services post Covid-19

Managing People | Career Development | Leadership & Strategy

3 July 2020

Webcast: Part 1 - Realisation and Self-Determination

3 July 2020

Webcast: Climate Risk Disclosure online demo with Zof Stott and Sophia Burke

Green Finance

3 July 2020

Webcast: Part 2 - Realisation and Self-Determination

2 July 2020

Webcast: Staying strong, healthy and happy at home

29 June 2020

What is the “new normal” for UK banks and bankers post Covid 19?

26 May 2020

Webcast: Understanding and improving your levels of resilience

22 May 2020

Webcast: How has Covid-19 impacted organisational culture, conduct and ultimately risk appetite?

21 May 2020

Webcast: Covid-19 Coaching through Disruption

Managing People | Career Development

21 May 2020

Webcast: Anxiety & Depression - Understanding the symptoms and some tools to help you to cope

14 May 2020

International Webcast: Overcoming the impacts of COVID-19

13 May 2020

Webcast: Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance

Green Finance

13 May 2020

Webcast: Supporting the well-being of your team

Managing People

5 May 2020

Webcast: Keeping the world’s finances moving - Insights and data trends of banks back office operations during turbulent times

5 May 2020

Webcast: How are UK banks and bankers responding to the Coronavirus Crisis

28 April 2020

Webcast: Keeping your career on track while working & parenting

Career Development

7 April 2020

International Webinar: Green Finance and Responsible Investing

Green Finance

31 March 2020

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services