Professionally qualified bankers have an extremely high level of professional pride in their work, compared to their non-qualified counterparts, new research has revealed. The Chartered Banker Professionalism Index, devised by Nottingham University Business School and the Chartered Banker Institute suggests those bankers, who have made a strong commitment to professionalism, profoundly believe in the value of what they do. But they also appreciate that consumers have a less positive view of their efforts, according to a detailed survey of hundreds of banking employees. 

Based on responses to the first set of statements, the study found the mean level of professional pride, across all areas of banking to be 73.24 out of a possible 100. This compares to 59% of bankers (who may or not be members of a professional body) occupying the middle ‘neutral’ ground in a recent Chartered Banker: Professional Standards Board (CB:PSB)/YouGov plc survey.

Download and read the Chartered Banker Professionalsim Index 2017.