Membership of the Chartered Banker Institute forms a solid base for a successful career in banking and financial services. We provide our members with trusted and exceptional opportunities for networking, progression and professional development.

Professional Recognition

Gain professional recognition through the membership and professional designations associated with your name, including the coveted Chartered Banker designation.

We are the only body in the world able to confer the status of Chartered Banker - recognised and understood by your customers and peers as demonstrating your commitment to continued professional development.

Professional Insight

Keep up-to-date and well informed. As a member you will have access to trusted information sources such as our quarterly magazine and monthly newsletter, helping to keep you informed of important issues in the banking sector

Professional Network

As a member you gain access to powerful networking opportunities with banking professionals. Be an active participant in our rapidly growing professional network and gain contacts to help build and sustain your career and identify new business opportunities.

Professional Development

We provide unlimited access to a wide range of online Continuing Professional Development resources to support you in your professional development. These include reference books, articles, videos and e-learning. This will help you maintain your professional expertise and gain or develop knowledge and skills to further your career.

Professional Profile

The Institute offers a range of volunteering opportunities such as speaking at Institute events, writing content, joining a committee, volunteering for the Financial Education Partnership (FEP) or becoming a mentor with the Chartered Banker mentoring scheme or the 2025 Foundation.

Raise your professional profile and contribute to the work of the Institute to enhance and sustain professional standards in banking, and pride in the banking profession.


The Chartered Banker mentoring scheme is open to all members, offering opportunities for both mentors and mentees.

For mentees, it provides an opportunity to seek guidance from a senior professional who can share their knowledge and expertise and help support career development.

For mentors, the primary goal is to offer guidance and support to their mentees. It is a unique opportunity for experienced members to give something back and help other members.

How to become a member

For most, membership comes through study with us or one of our learning partners. Our programmes include modern apprenticeships, specialist banking certificates, the flagship Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership in a Digital Age, and a growing range of degree programmes offered with leading universities. We also offer approved qualifications for those in regulated advice roles. 

We also welcome experienced bankers who may have qualified through other bodies in the UK and overseas. 

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Benefits of Membership

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Benefits of Membership

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