You don’t stop learning after you complete a professional qualification. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about planning, recording, reflecting and acting on ongoing learning.

CPD can take many different forms and varies for each individual; every development plan is as unique as a fingerprint. We've therefore designed our CPD scheme to reflect the many different career paths in banking.


CPD is:

  • Good for you. Map your own career path and invest in ‘Brand Me’.
  • Good for us. As befits our Royal Charter, we have a duty to act in the public interest. We only allow members who constantly update their skills and display ethical behaviour to use our professional designation.
  • Good for others. Your customers can be confident that they are supported by a professional, ethical and trustworthy individual


What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

"Continuing professional development (CPD) is the means by which members of professional associations maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives.” PARN (Professional Associations Research Network).

Where do I find CPD resources?

CPD resources can be found by logging into the members' area of our website. Once you've logged in, click on 'My CPD' where you'll have access to a wide range of resources which includes reference books and articles, to videos and e-learning. Our resources are all designed to support your professional development. 

What are the Chartered Banker Institute's CPD requirements?

Our scheme runs from 1 January to 31 December and here are the annual targets for each membership category. This includes those members working part-time.

Fellows, Chartered Members and Associates

Professionalism & Ethics    5

My CPD                               30

Total                                    35


Certificated members (excluding PMA & PFA members)

Professionalism & Ethics    5

My CPD                               10

Total                                    15


Professional Mortgage Adviser members

Professionalism & Ethics                   5

Mortgage Related Activity                 14

My CPD                                              16

Total                                                   35

Approved Employee Scheme (AES)

Members (excluding PMAs and PFAs) working for a CPD Approved Employer only need to record the 5 hours spent on Professionalism and Ethics. PMAs also need to record the 14 hours they spend on mortgage related development. PFAs must record the full 35 hours each year.

Professionalism & Ethics                   5

Employer’s CPD Contribution             30

Total                                                   35

Professional Financial Adviser (PFA) members

Structured                            21

Unstructured                        14

Total                                     35

PFA members have a separate CPD portal to help them meet the compulsory regulations set out by the FCA. 

Who is eligible?

The following membership categories have to complete the CPD scheme to retain their professional designation.

• Members

• Certificated Members who want to use a professional designation including: Professional Mortgage Advisers who hold the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (MAPC)

• Associates

• Fellows 

• Retired Members - who want to use their professional designation

• International Members – Our partner institutes support our CPD scheme 

Can I claim CPD from the first day I join as a member?

Yes - our scheme runs from 1st January to 31st December for general membership. You can pro-rata your hours if you join the Institute part-way through the year.

What if I use my network or employer's CPD portal?

As stated in our SPS Guidance we acknowledge and accept CPD that you have completed from other sources including your network or employer. You can find out more on page 9. We also have access to the CPD records for those advisers who were using the Competent Adviser portal and are chosen as part of our 10% sample. There is no need to record the details again on the new system and the work you have completed counts towards your CPD requirement.

Are there any members who are exempt from the CPD scheme?

We expect all of our members to complete and review their plan annually, apart from the following:

  • Retired Members do not need to complete our CPD if they do not wish to use the Chartered Banker designation. They may still use the designatory letters ACBI, MCBI or FCBI if they are eligible. 
  • Affiliates and student members.
  • Members on maternity, paternity or career break do not need to register CPD for 1 year.
  • Members absent due to illness.  Each case is treated with empathy.

Are there any variations of the number of CPD hours that members need to complete?

Yes. The following categories have specific arrangements:

  • CPD Approved Employer Scheme, members who work for a CPD Approved employer only need to show they have completed five hours of Professionalism & Ethics. Professional Mortgage Adviser (PMA) members also need to show they have completed 14 hours of Mortgage related activity. 


Can I include learning that I complete with my employer?

Yes and you can also attach certificates and logs that you have completed elsewhere to your own area of our site. If you work for a CPD Approved Employer you only need to record five hours of Professionalism & Ethics activity.

Do qualifications count towards CPD?

Yes. See My CPD for more examples.

Can I carry forward excess hours from one year to the next?

No. The requirement of 35 hours applies to the specific CPD activity undertaken in each calendar year.

Where do I register my CPD activities?

You can register your CPD details on our online log in the members' area. Professional Financial Adviser (PFA) members should continue to use their specialist portal.