Following feedback from our members, we launched a podcast series, featuring recordings from our live events, Special Reports and other content, from our Chartered Banker Magazine. For the full podcast series, please follow our SoundCloud Station


We are delighted to launch our new podcast series: The future of professional skills and learning in banking and Leadership for all.

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24 October 2023

S1 E3 In conversation with Paul Denton- Credit and Lending in a Cost-of-Living Crisis

5 October 2023

The future of professional skills and learning in banking: E9 The skills and talent challenge across the sector

Career Development

5 July 2023

S1 E2 In conversation with Sarah Gardiner - Credit and Lending During a Cost-of-Living Crisis

12 May 2023

Chartered Banker Institute Spring 2023 Magazine

12 May 2023

Special Report - Spring Magazine 2023

14 April 2023

S3 E8 In conversation with Andrew Sutherland, Director at Nature-based Solution at Palladium: Make It Possible - Green Conversations

Green Finance

6 April 2023

S1 E1 How financially resilient are bank employees? - Credit and Lending in a cost-of-living crisis

6 April 2023

An overview of the global environment for credit and lending - Credit and Lending in a cost-of-living crisis

3 April 2023

S3 E7 In conversation with Rhona Turnbull, Climate, Environment and Emerging Issues Lead at NatWest Group - Green Conversations

Green Finance

13 February 2023

Special Report - Winter Magazine 2023

13 February 2023

Chartered Banker Institute Winter 2023 Magazine

15 November 2022

Chartered Banker Institute Autumn 2022 Magazine

5 September 2022

S3 E6 In conversation with Jonas Persson, Head of Sustainability and ESG Finance at Lloyds Banking Group - Green Conversations

29 July 2022

Chartered Banker Institute Summer Magazine 2022

29 June 2022

S3 E5 In conversation with Sarah Rickard, Head of ESG Risk, HSBC UK- Green Conversations

26 May 2022

Chartered Banker Institute Spring 2022 Magazine

25 March 2022

Chartered Banker Institute Winter 2022 Magazine

3 December 2021

Chartered Banker Institute Autumn 2021 Magazine

27 October 2021

Turning our money green: BBC Sounds

Green Finance

21 October 2021

Green Conversations - Podcast Playlist Series

Green Finance