Illegal money lending: the tactics, the signs and the response

  • 16 November 2022
  • Webinar
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This is a joint event with The Chartered Banker Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University and ICAEW North West.

In times of financial difficulty, there can be an increased temptation for people to borrow money from illegal money lenders.

In this webinar we will look at illegal money lending, the tactics illegal money lenders use, how employers and others can recognise the signs of this activity taking place and provide help. The webinar will also explore what banks are doing to help customers in these circumstances.

Drawing on the expertise of our panellists, this webinar aims to educate and equip attendees with invaluable information in this very challenging area.


Theodora Hadjimichael

Theodora Hadjimichael

Responsible Finance | Chief Executive

As Chief Executive of Responsible Finance, Theodora works with her team to increase the provision and awareness of finance from community development finance institutions (CDFIs), so that all businesses, people and communities have access to the finance they need to thrive. Theodora’s previous experience includes working in community finance in the UK and the US. Originally from Greece and having spent many years in the US, she lives in London with her husband and daughter.
Paul Raby

Paul Raby

Chartered Banker | FCBI


Tutor, End Point Assessor and Examiner

Senior Lecturer and Unit Leader; Banking and Finance - Manchester Metropolitan University. External Examiner; Banking and Finance - BPP, Examiner with PGA and tutor/examiner at Open University.

Paul has over thirty years of experience in banking, having held a number of senior management roles. Since gaining his own banking qualification in 1986, he has taught on various Professional and Higher Education courses, including Business and Retail Banking, Risk Management, Wealth Management, and Banking Regulation.

He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the Chartered Banker Institute. As well as being a tutor and examiner for the Institute, Paul has held Chief Examiner positions and has authored text books for a number of other education providers. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Unit Leader at Manchester Metropolitan University and a tutor/examiner at the Open University. Paul is also working towards a PhD, exploring the unexpected consequences of the Basel Regulations, and has made presentations at conferences for the Open University, Institute of Financial Services, Association of Business Schools and the Higher Education Academy.

Cath Wohlers

Cath Wohlers

England Illegal Money Lending Team | LIAISE Manager


Cath Wohlers has worked at the LIAISE Manager for the England Illegal Money Lending Team since 2008. She leads the part of the team dealing with victim and witness support, crime prevention and intelligence generation. She also oversees research into this area of work.


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Wednesday 16th November 2022

13:00 - 14:00 GMT

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