Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance


Managing climate-related risks and supporting the transition to a low-carbon world are our most significant global challenges. In order to tackle this collective challenge, finance professionals globally need to develop their knowledge of green and sustainable Finance.

This global, benchmark qualification will help individuals to develop their understanding of, and apply, green and sustainable finance principles and practice in their roles and within their institutions.  

The Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance aims to:

  • Develop the learner's knowledge, understanding and skills relating to green and sustainable finance;
  • Provide an overview of, and introduction to, the underpinning science, principles and practice of the field;
  • Increase the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the range of green and sustainable products and services in the banking, investment and insurance sectors;
  • Increase awareness of the role of the finance sector and finance professionals in supporting the transition to a low-carbon world.


Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance

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Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance


If you are a Singapore Resident or Permanent Resident applying for the course under the IBF-STS subsidy programme, please follow this link for more information on how to apply. To be eligible for the subsidy, you must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident and physically based in Singapore.  You will be asked to provide your NRIC number.




Key facts

Updated for 2020, the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance now encompasses broader aspects of sustainability, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, although the focus remains on “green”.

  • Guided self-study supported by a wide range of interactive e-learning units and knowledge checks;
  • 12 unit programme that can be completed in as little as 12 weeks. Registration lasts for 1 year, so you can also work through at your own pace;
  • Assessed via 1 hour examination, conducted via remote invigilation. 
  • The Certificate costs £565 per candidate, including all learning materials and the first sitting of your exam. Exam resits cost £145 per module;
  • In order to study the Certificate you must become a member of the Institute. An annual subscription fee of £30.00 will be payable upon registration as part of the enrolment fees;
  • Upon completion, learners will be entitled to use the designation GSFP (Green and Sustainable Finance Professional).

The 2020 edition of the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance syllabus has been developed to encompass broader aspects of sustainable finance, alongside green finance;

  • Introduces green and sustainable finance in the context of retail, commercial and wholesale banking, central and development banks, insurance and investment sectors;
  • Covers the science of climate change and the role of the financial system in the natural world;
  • Global, international and national policy, regulatory and industry responses to support flows of finance for sustainable growth;
  • Identifying, disclosing and reporting climate-related financial risks, and other environmental and sustainability risks;
  • Introduces key sustainable finance frameworks/principles (e.g. UN SDGs, PRI/PRB, TCFD, Green Bond and Green Loan Principles;
  • Supporting customers in their transition to sustainability;
  • Overview of green and sustainable FinTech;
  • Ethical dimensions of green and sustainable finance, and the role of Green and Sustainable Finance ProfessionalsTM.

Download the module specification for more information:  


Am I Eligible?

The Certificate is aimed at financial services professionals globally who wish to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of green and sustainable finance. Broad financial services sector coverage, including bankers, insurers, investment managers, central bankers and regulators, risk managers, analysts and consultants.

There are no entry requirements for the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance, and no prior knowledge of the green and sustainable finance sector is assumed.

Supported by an updated Green and Sustainable Finance Principles and Practice, the world’s first Practitioner Guide, the Certificate is delivered via an online study guide that breaks up learning into bite size units. This is supported by interactive e-learning modules including audio, video and short learning actives and each unit is followed by a short knowledge check test or quiz to ensure understanding of the material.

  • Mobile Support: The learning materials are delivered via the Institute’s LMS, which enables learners to access them anywhere, anytime, using most computer, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Employer Support: Employers can track progress of individuals and cohorts through regular progress reports and learner analytics, enabling timely intervention when necessary.
  • Additional Support Options: A range of blended support options for employers (e.g. tuition, revision workshops) are available on request.
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