The UK's Prudential Regulatory Authority [PRA] and Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] are introducing new Individual Conduct Rules, which will cover the great majority of individuals working within UK banking. This change has been strongly supported by the Chartered Banker Institute, and the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct has been revised to demonstrate alignment with the new Conduct Rules.

Implementing the new regulatory framework will be challenging for many organisations, not least in terms of meeting regulators' expectations that this should take take account of the particular roles that individuals carry out.

The Chartered Banker Institute can help your organisation implement the new Conduct Rules, meeting not just the letter but, more importantly, the spirit of these, through professionalism via a wide range of resources, including:

  • The revised Chartered Banker Code, which has been mapped to the new Conduct Rules;
  • The revised Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers, which supports and evidences the implementation of the new Conduct Rules, taking account of particular roles;
  • The Professional Banker Certificate, the UK banking benchmark introductory qualification, incorporating coverage of the new Conduct Rules;
  • Accreditation and development of existing learning and development programmes; and
  • Working with us via bespoke consultancy, learning, e-learning and regulatory solutions.

For further information on how we can support you and your organisation please view our  Enhancing Culture and Conduct in Banking brochure.