Those adhering to our codes not only exceed regulatory requirements, but do so in a way that addresses the spirit as well as the letter of the rules. Together this should enhance and sustain public confidence and trust that they are dealing with suitably knowledgeable and competent professionals, that they can trust.

As we move towards the extension of the Individual Accountability Regime across all regulated firms, we believe that encouragement of professional membership and a commitment to developing and maintaining professional standards are very simple but effective steps to preventing and mitigating risk.

We can help banks and bankers with this:

  • We have a Code of Professional Conduct  in place, and it maps to the applicable Conduct Rules;
  • Our professional standards support and evidence the implementation of the applicable Conduct Rules, taking account of particular roles, and are independently verified externally on an annual basis;
  • We have professional pathways designed to support all bankers at any stage of their career move from achievement of a professional standard to attainment of professional qualifications and membership. 
  • Our professional qualifications help individuals understand how to apply their technical expertise in a way that puts public interest first;
  • Our Certificates of Professionalism help individuals formally demonstrate their annual commitment to upholding the highest standards of behaviour;
  • Many organisations have developed their own learning and development programmes. We can accredit these to provide external verification and formal recognition;
  • We offer bespoke consultancy, learning, e-learning and regulatory solutions.

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For further information on how we can support you and your organisation, please view our Enhancing Culture and Conduct in Banking brochure or contact our Professional Development team. 

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