In March 2016, the UK's Prudential Regulatory Authority [PRA] and Financial Conduct Authority [FCA] Certification Regime came into force. This will enhance the accountability of a significant number of individuals who are not part of the Senior Managers Regime but who:

  • Perform roles relating to the firm's Prudential Regulatory Authority [PRA]; and/or 
  • Are material risk takers - i.e. have the potential to cause significant harm to a firm; and/or
  • Could cause harm to consumers; and/or
  • Are in customer-facing roles which are subject to qualification requirements.

The Chartered Banker Institute can help your organisation, and relevant individuals, prepare for and meet the requirements of the new Certification Regime, via a range of resources, including:

  • Certificates of Professionalism, aligned to the regulatory requirements and issued by the Institute to members meeting our requirements for competence, behaviour, and fitness and propriety (from June 2016); 
  • A wide portfolio of professional banking qualifications leading to Chartered Banker status, supporting the development and demonstration of competence for a wide variety of roles;
  • Executive education and postgraduate degree-level programmes, including the Chartered Banker MBA offered in partnership with a growing range of UK partners;
  • Regulatory qualifications and CPD for individuals subject to qualification requirements;
  • Implementing the CB:PSB's Professional Standards, which can help evidence an individual's knowledge, skills and behaviours to regulators;
  • Annual re-accreditation and certification of individuals through ongoing professional membership of the UK's banking institute, supported by a wide range of professional development [CPD] resources including an Ethics, Culture and Conduct Toolkit launched in 2014, with more than 12 hours of audio, video, e-learning and other materials; and
  • Working with us via bespoke consultancy, learning, e-learning and regulatory solutions.

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For further information on how we can support you and your organisation, please view our Enhancing Culture and Conduct in Banking brochure or contact our Professional Development team. 

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