Cambridge Summer School Programme

  • 29 July – 2 August 2019
  • Cambridge
  • Seminar
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Over the last decade, 'born digital' companies such as Facebook, Google and Alibaba have led the way as key innovators in their industry. The challenge for the banking industry today and in the future is to transform their strategy and ways of organising through digital technologies to remain cutting edge and competitive. Making this transition requires a rethinking and a widening of the lens of service generation and delivery. For senior leaders, this requires creative confidence. It also requires there to be a change in the way the organisation operates, transforming itself from the inside-out to embrace the business ecosystem. To do so implies a change in how teams traditionally work and cross-functional arrangements to emphasise creativity and build innovation. At the heart of these changes is the need to develop a culture which will support digital working, one which requires agility as well as the tolerance of failure within organisations, and an understanding of new customer behaviours.

Designed for leaders in financial-related sectors, the Cambridge Summer School Programme equips senior executives with the know-how to embrace the journey towards a successful digital organisation ready to compete in the future. It provides leading edge insights from research at the University of Cambridge, as well as methodologies and frameworks to help participants re-think how to lead the transformation of their organisation.

The multi-faceted programme starts with a close examination of the context for digital transformation in banking. We look at breakthrough digital innovations and how they are disrupting trust intermediation in financial services as well as how mobile platforms are enabling financial inclusion in emerging economies. We consider some key risks associated with new technology and the impact of data analytics in this increasingly connected world.

We then work together towards strategic structuring of transformation and building of the digital future. This involves key aspects such as exploration of the expanding role of innovation in digital transformation, adapting business models for competitive advantage, optimising organisational structure for transformative change and developing leadership capability to deliver transformation.


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