• 9–19 November 2020
  • Conference
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While the Covid-19 pandemic and national politics dominate headlines and global attention, we at the University of Edinburgh are determined to ensure the climate crisis is not sidelined.

Using the original COP26 dates (9 to 19 November 2020), we present 'COP26Cast': discussion by the leading global climate, political, business, NGO, and civil society figures we would have heard from had COP26 not been postponed till next year. COP26Cast will provide you with much-needed information, discussion, and stimulus for continued attention and action on climate issues generally, and on the UK and Scotland's role as hosts of these crucial climate negotiations.

Dates & Schedules

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Follow the conversation and view the free programmes on Facebook Live, 9 to 19 November 2020, 19:30–20:30 (GMT).

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