Emerging Banking Leaders Programme

  • 1–5 April 2019
  • Cambridge
  • Seminar

Driving Digital Transformation For Future Leaders 

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is fundamentally changing the way machines, computing and human beings are interacting. Lines between industries, technologies and the physical and digital worlds are blurring in an exponential way, customer demands are shifting dramatically, and fast movers will thrive in this winner-takes-all economy.

For the financial services industry, it is likely that some of the most disruptive change will be led by the FinTech start-ups rather than the incumbent banks and more than 150 FinTech companies work in the global capital markets technology space leveraging latest development to provide innovative solutions and services. According to Statista.com, FinTech investments in Asia are likely to reach US$2,598 billion with an annual growth of 16.4% between 2018-22. 

It is also important to note while the impact of digital, data and technological advancements on retail banking has been more acutely felt, continuous improvements on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques over the last few years partly driven by increasing availability of data in areas outside banking are likely to impact on investment/wholesale banking in areas such as machine to machine learning and provision of advice; and the development of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will see investment banking adapt and change business models.  Therefore, fully harnessing the advancements of digital, data and technology requires banking leaders to get to the core of the digital transformation and its accompanying ecosystems, and revisit all aspects of the business, from value proposition, strategy, business model, operations to organisational structure, people, talent, and culture, in agile and swift manners.  And internally, digital transformation cannot just be sanctioned; instead, leaders should be able to articulate compelling visions and expected outcomes to take the people with you, to execute innovation in an agile way, and to steer the teams effectively with tools and support networks that teams must have to succeed in this VUCA environment.    

This programme will help participants address the above strategic requirements to drive change that is needed for their organisation’s digital banking transformation. It has been designed specifically for high potential talent on a fast track to a leadership position with the hope that these Emerging Banking Leaders will be the ones who will carry the change forward for their financial institutions over the coming years. 

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University of Cambridge
Judge Business School 


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