Ethical Finance Round Table - Leadership


Leadership is often an overlooked factor in the drive to create socially and environmentally responsible organisations in finance and beyond. While it is easy to make bold statements about social and environmental issues, real change can only be achieved via effective leadership at all levels of an organisation, ensuring that employees are empowered and motivated to enact changes.

This round table features Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman of CISI, Helen Cook, Chief HR Officer for NatWest Group and Karina Robinson, CEO of Robinson Hambro.

Discussion points will include:

  • Why should organisations want to embed social and environmental responsibility in their practices?
  • What role do ambitious targets on social and environmental issues play in driving change?
  • What role does organisational culture play in ensuring social and environmental issues are properly accounted for, and how can leaders foster a positive culture?
  • How can leaders communicate effectively with their organisations about changes?
  • How can companies effectively execute policies on diversity and inclusion (e.g. around gender, ethnicity or sexuality) when there is internal pushback on them?
  • What aspects of leadership on social and environmental issues are particular to the finance industry?

This event forms part of the Path to COP26 campaign.

This event will be held on the 5th May at 16:00 (BST)
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