The Ownership Effect Inquiry - Commitment or Engagement?

  • 27 November 2018
  • Webinar
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Webcast: The Ownership Effect Inquiry - Commitment or Engagement?
Presenter: Deb Oxley & Cathy Brown
Webcast details: Tuesday 27th November 2018, 1pm (GMT)

The UK must secure a stable and prosperous future for itself in the world, seizing every promising opportunity to boost economic strength. To that end, The Ownership Effect Inquiry – led by an independent panel of senior business leaders and industry experts – has gathered and examined evidence from around the country on the benefits that flow from employees owning a stake in the companies for which they work. The panel’s conclusion is clear: there is a significant dividend to be had by growing employee ownership in our economy. At the core of these findings however is the impact of employee ownership on individual employees. Through high levels of empowerment and meaningful influence, it is their additional discretional effort and commitment that is the stimulant for employee ownership delivering improved UK productivity, supporting more resilient regional economies and increasing employee engagement.


Cathy Brown is currently the Operations Director for The Employee Ownership Association, Cathy has wide ranging experience across the public, private and third sectors in raising awareness and providing practical guidance to organisations looking to improve employee engagement through many different business models. With a background in culture transformation, she recognises the importance of values, good management, authentic leadership and the ability to listen in creating environments where people can bring the best of themselves to work every day.

Deb Oxley is the CEO of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), the UKs leading voice on employee ownership, representing a sector that contributes between £30-40bn a year to UK GDP as well as a membership organisation for UK businesses of private or public sector origin, that are wholly or partially owned by their employees.

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