The Chartered Banker Institute will be transitioning from paper certificates to digital certificates for all of our qualifications going forward. This will allow us to process certificates faster for our students and implement more sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives.

The new digital certificates are intuitive and allow students to share their successes directly via a number of different social media platforms as well as via email.

From 13 Feb 2023, the below qualifications will receive a digital certificate via email, usually within 5 business days of successfully being awarded the qualification. If you don’t see your digital certificate in your normal inbox, please check your junk email. 

  • Certificate in Climate Risk 

  • Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance 

  • Professional Banker Certificate 

  • Diploma in Green and Sustainable Finance 

  • Certificate in Professionalism and Ethics 

  • Diploma in Lending Skills 

  • Certificate in Bank Strategy, Operations and Technology 

  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership in a Digital Age 

  • Foundation Certificate in Responsible Banking 

  • Certificate in Bank Risk Management 

  • Associate Chartered Banker Diploma 

  • Certificate in Lending Skills 

  • Certificate in Commercial Lending 

  • Certificate in Personal and Private Banking 

  • Diploma in Working Capital 

  • Professional Banker Diploma 

  • Certificate in Complaint Handling 
  • Diploma in Debt Restructuring 
  • Advanced Diploma in Lending Skills 
  • Certificate in Advanced Banking Practice 
  • Chartered Banker by Experience
  • Diploma in Professional Financial Advice
  • Chartered Banker Diploma

From 1 Aug 2023, when you renew your Professional Financial Adviser membership which includes a Statement of Professional Standing, you will receive a digital certificate via email usually within 5 days of emailing your renewal form.  

Individuals enrolled on a select number of qualifications will still also receive a paper certificate copy. Please find a list below with the Qualifications that will be receiving both a paper certificate and digital certificate:

  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership in a Digital Age 

  • Chartered Banker by Experience
  • Chartered Banker Diploma


If your qualification is not on the list but you require a paper certificate, you can request one for a fee by emailing our Member Engagement Team

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the digital certificates, please contact us directly at: [email protected]