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Professional Banker Diploma

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1)  About yourself


Please note the format we use is DD/MM/YYYY

Do you have any permanent or long-standing disability, or special educational need, e.g. dyslexia, blindness, etc. which requires a “reasonable adjustment” to be applied to your assessments?

If “Yes”, please upload the relevant independent evidence, e.g. educational psychologist’s report; report from a qualified medical professional, etc. in support of your claim for “reasonable adjustment”. (The relevant evidence must be attested – the attestation may be completed by an accountant; notary public; solicitor; doctor; or employer if you are employed by a major bank) "

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2)  About your employer


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3)  About the qualification

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4)  Study materials


Workbook delivery

All workbooks are sent via courier and require a signature. It is the responsibility of the person applying for any course to ensure that someone is available at the address specified for delivery. It is recommended that workbooks be delivered to a work address.

Please select the delivery address you wish to use, postage is free within UK, fees apply outside of UK

Your workbook delivery price is £0.

Membership subscription

When studying with us you will become a member of our Institute. As such you must commit to our Code of Professional Conduct and our Rules and Regulations. Please ensure you have read and understood these before proceeding. See Terms

12 month Student membership £90.00 fee

5)  Payment details

  Workbook delivery: £0
  Module selection total: £0
  12 months membership fee: £90.00
Total £0

Who is paying for your studies?

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Please add your employer invoice details

In order to process your application we require the details for invoicing your employer. Please ensure you have received their approval before proceeding and have the appropriate Purchase Order [PO] reference number ready. Please also inform the named contact that we will contact them to confirm the payment details before processing your application.

6)  Declaration


Terms and conditions

Data protection information

The Chartered Banker Institute aims to maintain all personal records accurately and securely to a reasonable standard. Full details of the Institute’s privacy policy are available to read here.

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